Mineral Cosmetics Canada Trend Report

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First though, every eco-aware shopper should have a firm understanding of the root causes they support (or fight against). If you stand for the health of not only your face, but the other inhabitants of this earth, including people and animals alike, then you should understand the cosmetics industry as a whole. This video describes things so you can understand what the industry is all about:

Going Eco-Friendly for a Healthy, Happy and Fulfilling Lifestyle

Mineral Cosmetics Canada is about more than just makeup, we’re about all things organic, all things sustainable and all things free trade. We firmly believe that when you treat people nice and source things from the earth everyone wins.

Todays health products are full of so many dangerous and harmful chemicals it’s a wonder our skin hasn’t just peeled off! But in all seriousness, the skin is the largest organ on/in the body, and thus the things we rub into it on a daily basis are of extreme importance and the dangers of using artificial products with questionable ingredients is a matter of life or death.

Once you’re ready to add an all natural mineral product to your routine you can check out the application tips below:

Looking Good Is About Being Healthy

No matter how much makeup or skin treatment options you explore, you will always look horrible of you continue a lifestyle of partying, not getting enough sleep, not protecting your skin, being stressed all the time or being obese. Skin care and even cosmetics is about a wholistic approach to health.

Things that aren’t cosmetic related but can have a HUGE impact on your overall appearance include:

  • Eating fresh, organic fruits and vegetables daily
  • Exercising regularly at a gym to keep the heart healthy and muscles active.
  • Exercising your brain by not just watching TV but reading books and solving problems.
  • Drinking plenty of water every single day to stay hydrated
  • Supporting businesses that support sustainability and free trade to feel good.
  • Getting enough sleep every night so the body can repair itself keeping you looking healthy and fresh!

If you have any other healthy lifestyle tips that you’ve found make an impact on your overall appearance feel free to share them with us, we’d love to share them with everyone else!