Natural Living Means Healthy Living

This new post is not so much about cosmetics as it is natural, healthy living. In a way, Mineral Cosmetics Canada is a “health” company itself, focused on bringing only the most natural organic earth-derived compounds to market for men and women across the world to feel confident and healthy while protecting the earth and our environment.

Part of going “all natural” is looking beyond just your everyday use items and applying healthy living to other aspects of your life too. For example, many people who like natural cosmetic compounds also live active lifestyles. This means they like to workout, go to the gym, go jogging or play sports with their friends.

Unfortunately, when a lot of people get serious about their workouts and healthy living, they forget that even in this aspect of life, using all-natural, free-trade and organic compounds is key to achieving healthy, long lasting results.

For example, if you like to go to the gym and workout and build muscle maybe you will also buy pre workouts and protein powders and all kinds of unnatural substances which you think, or your friends tell you, will help you reach your fitness goals faster.

However do you even bother to stop and look at what is put into these supplements? Where are the ingredients derived? Is anything even organic? A good general rule of thumb is if you don’t know what’s in it and where it came from; you shouldn’t be putting it in your body!

So, Mineral Cosmetics Canada would like to remind you that healthy living is more than just active lifestyles and a positive attitude, it’s about making eco-friendly choices at every junction in life and applying the same mindset you use for things like cosmetics or face washes to things you consume and put in your body.

Concerned that there aren’t organic and natural options out there to help you reach your goals? Well, don’t worry! There are health natural alternatives in every industry, including fitness!

Below is a video featuring a vegan friendly plant protein, which when supplemented with a strict workout regimen, can be just as effective as chemical-packed competitors.

You’ll see in this video the organic protein was reviewed quite highly. So you can see that healthy options can stack up against massive industry titans like Musclepharm, which makes a lot of non-organic supplements, including protein powder.

If you’re not sure what is right for you go to your local health foods store. Yes, the same place you buy your hand made herbal organic body soap probably also sells some sort of soy, pea, or other eco-friendly plant based protein supplement that will knock the socks off other nasty non-organic products.

Also, don’t forget, just as in cosmetics, there is no one magic pill that will solve all of your problems. That is, supplements won’t make you super strong just like cosmetics won’t make you skinny and beautiful, those things require hard work and dedication to your favorite healthy hobby!

Now get off your computer and get out there and get active and when you’re all done and need to recover don’t forget to stay eco-friendly and animal-conscious when making your purchases!


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First though, every eco-aware shopper should have a firm understanding of the root causes they support (or fight against). If you stand for the health of not only your face, but the other inhabitants of this earth, including people and animals alike, then you should understand the cosmetics industry as a whole. This video describes things so you can understand what the industry is all about:

Going Eco-Friendly for a Healthy, Happy and Fulfilling Lifestyle

Mineral Cosmetics Canada is about more than just makeup, we’re about all things organic, all things sustainable and all things free trade. We firmly believe that when you treat people nice and source things from the earth everyone wins.

Todays health products are full of so many dangerous and harmful chemicals it’s a wonder our skin hasn’t just peeled off! But in all seriousness, the skin is the largest organ on/in the body, and thus the things we rub into it on a daily basis are of extreme importance and the dangers of using artificial products with questionable ingredients is a matter of life or death.

Once you’re ready to add an all natural mineral product to your routine you can check out the application tips below:

Looking Good Is About Being Healthy

No matter how much makeup or skin treatment options you explore, you will always look horrible of you continue a lifestyle of partying, not getting enough sleep, not protecting your skin, being stressed all the time or being obese. Skin care and even cosmetics is about a wholistic approach to health.

Things that aren’t cosmetic related but can have a HUGE impact on your overall appearance include:

  • Eating fresh, organic fruits and vegetables daily
  • Exercising regularly at a gym to keep the heart healthy and muscles active.
  • Exercising your brain by not just watching TV but reading books and solving problems.
  • Drinking plenty of water every single day to stay hydrated
  • Supporting businesses that support sustainability and free trade to feel good.
  • Getting enough sleep every night so the body can repair itself keeping you looking healthy and fresh!

If you have any other healthy lifestyle tips that you’ve found make an impact on your overall appearance feel free to share them with us, we’d love to share them with everyone else!